Building Blocks, Touring One Block at a Time

National Building Museum

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Jennifer and I went on LAMA’s library building tour pre-conference today. We began the tour at the MLK Library. We were broken up into groups and given our metro passes. The first library we visited was the beautiful Rockville Library in Rockville, MD. I loved the double helix design that was carried throughout the library, from the mosaic on the first floor, to the engravings on the bookshelf end-caps. I loved the open spaces, high ceilings, natural light, and the cohesiveness of the design. I also thought that the building looked like it belonged just where it it.

Next, we took the metro…then a taxi to the Shirlington Library. This building is interesting, in that it shares space with a black box theater. The decor was not my favorite, but I loved the front facade, and the fountain in the front.

We then went to the National Building Museum for lunch. What a fantastic building! It was built to house the United States Pension Bureau in the 1880’s following the Civil War. It now houses several interesting exhibits, such as the “Green House ” exhibit and a David Macauley exhibit.

The last stop on the tour was the Howard University Louis Stokes Health Sciences Library. The structure really helps make the campus feel like a cohesive whole. I especially like the domed cupola.

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Michael Gorman’s anti-Internet rant – Featured on Boing Boing

Boing Boing: Michael Gorman’s anti-Internet rant

I guess Mr. Gorman is getting the attention he was looking for.

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Looking forward to ALA

I am gearing up for ALA in DC. I will be leaving 6/21 and coming back on 6/26. I am looking forward to hearing about new open source solutions for libraries, and finding out what other little libraries are doing with technology. It should be very interesting to see how SirsiDynix handles this conference after the announcement about Horizon. I wonder how many librarians I will see wearing Evergreen t-shirts 😉

I will also be participating in the Library Day on the Hill. I hope that I will have an opportunity to meet with my members of Congress.

I understand that the Inn I am staying in has internet access…..but I think that it is a single computer in a shared area… so I am not sure how much blogging I will be able to do….but I will try to keep you updated.

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SRP 2007 Get A Clue

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Get a Clue “I Spy” Display Cass District Library

Get a Clue I Spy Display Cass District Library

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We are getting all geared up for Summer Reading 2007. This years theme is “Get a Clue.” In keeping with the theme, the folks at the Main Library have created an “I Spy” display. You can see more pictures of it here.

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More Workshop Stuff

I had a good time teaching a couple of workshops at MLC last Friday.  I taught the Wonderful World of Wikis, and Online Tutorials with CamStudio.  I have posted several links and a powerpoint presentation on my Workshop Files page.

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The Kids are doing well


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I just wanted to let all of you know that the kids are doing very well now. The first week or so after their tonsillectomies was a bit harry, but they are now back to their ornery selves.

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SMLC Blogging, IM and Podcasting Workshop

Thanks to all of the enthusiastic participants of yesterday’s workshop. I had a great time, and I appreciate the hard work that you all did, and the enthusiastic response you gave me. As promised, I have posted all of the files that I used in the presentation. You can find them on the Workshop Files page of this blog.

A word of warning to anyone else out there who might be doing a similar workshop, make sure that the venue does not block any of the sites you are planning to talk about. I nearly had a heart attack when I realized that the Van Buren Technology center’s internet filter blocks all blogging and IM related web sites, including and Luckily, they were able to unblock these in time for the workshop.

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Welcome SWMLC Workshop Folks

It will be interesting to see how this workshop works out, as it appears that Blogger is blocked by the filter here. 🙂

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Feisty Fawn. Today is the day!

UbuntuStudio – Ubuntu Wiki

I have Feisty up and running… far so good.  I am working on getting all of the codecs and Firefox plugins installed.

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