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Google finally Gets it

Wow, google has finally seen the light! Look at their new interface!

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Cass District Library Medieval Festival

When: Saturday, July 30 2005 01:00 PM
Where: T.K. Lawless Park
My Role: Organizer
A fun time was had by all at our Summer Reading Grand Finale this weekend. Members of the Cass District Library Staff got to wear silly costumes, and some folks from the Society for Creative Anachronism gave demonstrations of cloth production, “from sheep to shirt”, including drop spinning, weaving and dyeing. They also demonstrated several archery techniques and we got to see them firing a “balissta.”Ballista from Wikipedia I was, for once, truly the fiddling librarian. My job was the strolling minstrel, and while I don’t know too many medieval tunes, I am a whiz at variations on twinkle twinkle 😉 DSC01130 Happily, I was not the ony staff member making a “fool” of myself. My boss Jennifer played the part of court Jester and Bocce Ball Ref. DSC01139See other staff member costumes here.
Well, until we meet again.

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Rex Libris (via Stephen’s Lighthouse)

Stephens20Lighthouse3A20Gotta20Have20It There is now a graphic novel with a librarian hero. How cool is that? PS yes, I do see the irony in posting a link to the blog of a SirsiDynix VP right after the last post. 😉

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SirsiDynix activity

It may just be my imagination, but I am getting the distinct feeling that since we signed our contract with Dynix, just prior to the merger announcement, they are no longer interested in talking to us. Our sales person has … Continue reading

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Niger’s food Crisis

Ok, this is not a typical post for me. The fiddling librarian generally runs away screaming from this sort of post, but since my brother in law Dan sent me an e-mail asking for help, I decided that I had … Continue reading

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Julia Learns about life without amenities

We went to Missouri this weekend for my grandmother’s 90th birthday. My grandma has never had indoor plumbing. It was interesting to me to see that Julia, who is frightened of flush toilets, had no qualms about using the stinking … Continue reading

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I have been purged ( sniff sniff)

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Transsexual Shaving Cream: BEFORE on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Transsexual Shaving Cream: BEFORE on Flickr – Photo Sharing! How dare they! I will never trust corporate America again!

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Boing Boing: Digital cowbell

Boing Boing: Digital cowbell The Rad Monkey VLC800 is a digital cowbell that simulates the sounds of 12 popular analog cowbells through a high-quality digital signal processor.

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Michael Gorman on the USA Patriot Act: AKA Who Voted for this guy?

Politics News Article | “There’s been no public case,” he said. “There was some speculation in the beginning that maybe a test case will be found. … Either it hasn’t happened or they haven’t found a suitable test case, … Continue reading

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