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Look Daddy! I’m a Queen!

Yes Julia, You are a Queen. Queen Potty seat.

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Adventures in Potty Training

Julia is now nearly entirely potty trained. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case, only when she is at school. When she comes home, we immediately ask her to go potty, and she usually does go pee on the potty. … Continue reading

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Pilates at the library

(Men’s Fitness, July 2003) Body by Board (By Ian Cohen, Photography by Mark Hanauer) So, I am now doing Pilates at the library. We have classes Monday and Wednesday at 8:00 before the library opens, and Friday at 12:00. So … Continue reading

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Up In The Air

As I have mentioned before, my library’s director has taken a new position. This leaves me a bit in the air. I am unsure of how a new director will interpret my job description. Right now I am spending lots … Continue reading

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