Well, I went through the graduation ceremony yesterday. The main ceremony was rather impersonal and long, but I got to see the governor, (who actually had spoken at my high school when he was mayor of South Bend) and Ruth Lilly, who was receiving an honorary degree for giving IU lots and lots of money.

The SLIS reception was surprisingly nice. Dr. Taylor was there, and I got to thank her and wish her a happy retirement. Each of the SLIS graduates got up and gave a little speech. During the middle of mine, my 2 1/2 year old daughter Julia ran up to the podium and yelled “HI DADDY!”. She got lots of laughs, so I picked her up and we delivered the rest of my speech together. I thanked my wife, and said “She is the one standing in the door, with our other child.” When Danny gave me my “craptacular” IUPUI pin and shook my hand he said, “It looks like you have had a productive couple of years!” Anyway, I was glad I went through the ceremony. It felt good to have an end to things.

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