Defective By Design Calls for Protests against DRM using Libraries

Libraries: Kick DRM out!


The Boston Public Library (BPL) has DRM on its ebooks, audio books, music, and videos. These DRM systems sit between you and the item and restrict how and for how long you can access the information. For example, they may shut off your access to an audio book after seven days or tell you that you can’t move the book from your laptop computer to your desktop. This also means that library patrons will be forced to use certain proprietary operating systems to access library materials, because patrons have to use something that is compatible with the DRM chosen by the BPL.

Does your Library use DRM? If you are using recorded books or Overdrive for downloadable Audiobooks and Videos, then you are using DRM. This forces patrons to use proprietary technology and limits there choices…. for example, I can’t play the audio books on my ipod, and I can’t use the DV Video because I don’t have a Windows computer.

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