Avery is having his tonsils out.


Well, for the umpteenth time this year, the family is on antibiotics.  Julia was sent home from school last week with a temp of 102.  The diagnosis was sinusitis…possibly strep induced.  Then Saturday….I had a feverof 103.  I was diagnosed with “something that was making my throat look Beefy.”  Sunday, Ashley, complaining of a sore throat wentto the doc and was diagnossed with strep.  The one family member who is symptom free?  Mr. Avery.

Well, why you may ask, is it that Avery needs his tonsils out.  Mr. Avery, as it turns out, is our typhoid Mary.  He is the strep carryer extraordinaire.   And why should this be?  Well, you see.  My boy is extraordinarily well hung.   His tonsils are huge.  This is causing him to snore (an odd behavior for a three year old) as well as being the petry dish of the family.  He is not affected by the strep…. but he continues to pass it on to the rest of us.

We have a meeting with the surgeon next Wednesday.   It looks like there may be ice cream in sir Avery’s future 🙂

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