I’m very Lucky

I was having a bad morning today.  The kids were suffering from lack of sleep…Ashley was in a big hurry….it was snowing.  Ashley and Julia finally got out the door…with Julia screaming because the dogs had eaten her grilled cheese sandwich.

I got Avery ready to go.  He was not happy because he wanted his balloon….the one that had popped two days ago.  We got out of the driveway.  I noticed the roads were a bit slick….as a matter of fact, I noticed two cars that had skidded off the street in our neighborhood.  Anyway, I was driving carefully, and the CRV was handling well.  I drove out of our neighborhood and made my way to the intersection of Darden and 933.  At this point the roads were all plowed and salted….really in pretty good shape.  I stopped at the red light.  When it turned green, I waited a couple of seconds then started across. Just before I made it half way across the intersection, I noticed a large blue SUV coming at a high rate of speed.  I applied the brakes….but not in time to avoid being hit.

The Suburban rammed into the front passenger side of my car, spinning it towards the North.  I quickly ascertained that Avery was fine, and that I had not been hurt.  I managed to pull the car off to the side of the road.  The driver of the Suburban got out….”Sorry, I just blew right past that light man”, where the first words out of his mouth.  Luckily, his next phrase was, “don’t worry, I have full coverage.”

I saw that the front end of the CRV was mangled.  The bumper lay in pieces on the ground.  What was left of the headlights were pointing off in opposite directions.

The police came and the driver of the Suburban quickly admitted that it was his fault.  I got Avery and our stuff out of the car and got a ride home with the very nice Roseland Police Officer.

All in all, I was extremely lucky…I am sure that most high speed collisions between CRV’s and Suburbans do not end so well for the occupants of the CRV.

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