My mom is Key witness in infamous Cop Caning Case


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…On that February 2005 evening, Chambers and Holleman say they had been getting along fine. Neighbor Jean Smith had stopped by to drop off some Avon products she had sold Chambers when the officers arrived.

In an interview with The Tribune, Smith, the Avon representative, called the officers’ lawsuit “hogwash.”

To her, it seemed that the officers arrived at the home with an agenda that had nothing to do with checking on Chambers’ welfare. “They were just zeroing in on Tom and didn’t even talk with Betty,” said Smith, who said the same thing under oath while testifying on Holleman’s behalf at his trial. “The whole thing just made no sense to me.”

Smith said neither Chambers nor Holleman are her friends, and she no longer sells Avon products to Chambers. She noted that Holleman has always been a cordial neighbor.

Smith said she thinks Chambers hit Foresman once or twice with the cane. When Chambers told her to call 911, she ran out the front door and retrieved her cell phone from her car in the driveway. She made the call but cannot remember what she said to the dispatcher, she said.

I really think that my mom could capitalize on this. I envision a mystery series featuring “Representative Smith,” the crime solving Avon Lady, after all Avon Ladies see a lot in their day to day activities.

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