The Brief History of the Dead is Entertaining

The Brief History of the Dead: A novel

Rating: 3 out of 5

Author: Kevin Brockmeier

Year: 2006

Publisher: Pantheon

ISBN: 0375423699

There are two types of dead. Those who have died and someone alive still remembers them, and those who have died, and there is no one left to remember them. This book chronicles the “life” of the newly dead who have people left in the world of the living who still have a memory of them. As the last living person who remembers them dies, they disappear.

It is also the story of Laura Bird, an Antarctic researcher, who appears to be the last person alive on Earth. A plague has been spread through the Coca-Cola supply to the inhabitants of the world. A little cheesy perhaps, but the way the author interweaves the two stories is entertaining and thought provoking. It really makes you think about the connections we all make while we are alive.

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