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Rating: 4 out of 5
OK, so you guys know that I have dabbled in LINUX from time to time. In fact I have had Debian Sarge installed on my home computer for nearly a year. After a few months of playing with it, I switched back to windows….why, you ask…. Honestly, installing programs, modifying files, etc. was a bit of a pain. I switched back to Windows because it was easier… Well, Ubuntu has gone a long way to making me a LINUX convert. It is by far the easiest free open source operating system I have seen. It has been designed with ease of use as a primary goal….and it shows. Need to install a package, and you have found the .deb…. no need for compiling, using apt-get etc….a program automatically installs it for you. The graphic display is beautiful, and I have had no problem installing any of the Firefox PlugIns and extensions I use. I was able to use my iPod using gtkpod, my printer was recognized right off the bat, and networking to my other machines has been a breeze with SAMBA. Open Office has worked like a charm, and I have had no compatibility problems. I have also been using the built in Terminal Service Client to connect to Work and update the servers from home. I really can’t say enough positive things about UBUNTU. Go get the .ISO, and boot it on your machine. If you like it…Install it.

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