Happy Easter

Happy Easter to one and all…my morning got off to a rip-roaring start at 5:30 AM when Julia decided it was time to be up! I tried to get her to go back to sleep, but she would have none of it…so after a few minutes of playing with blocks, chalk, coloring books etc.. I fell asleep on the couch while Julia watched Connie the Cow (thrilling stuff)

I eventually got off the couch and cooked some banana sour cream pancakes. Ashley found the recipe in an Ina Garten cookbook. They were quite yummy.

Then we had to go to church (Ashley promised my mom that she could show off the grandkids.) Julia, a child after my own heart, started screaming ALL DONE WITH CHURCH, before we even got out the door. We only went to coffee hour, as I am sure that if I were to take a step into the sanctuary, I would burst into flames.

We got home, Julia got her Easter Basket and has been devouring chocolate at a fevered pace. We are going to my folks this afternoon for lunch and an Easter egg hunt….and sometime I need to work on my project for Dr. Lamb

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