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Inspired by Superpatron Edward Vielmetti, I have modified the Seattle Public Library’s Amazon SPL Linky to work with the Cass District Libray’s HIP. See what it does to your Amazon page:

a million little pieces

You can find it and install it here (note you must have Firefox 1.5 and Greasemonkey installed for the script to work.) Once I had the Library URL patorn from the Jon Udell’s Library Lookup Bookmarklet, it was fairly easy to modify the script. Here is what I used for the variables:

var libraryUrlPattern = 'http://ip4.cass.lib.mi.us/uPortal/Initialize?
var libraryName = 'the Cass District';
var libraryAvailability = /Checked In/;
var libraryOnOrder = /On Order/;
var libraryInProcess = /Just Received/;
var libraryDueBack = /(\d\d?\/\d\d?\/\d{4})/;
var notFound = /We were unable to find any titles that matched your search/

David Pattern helped me figure out how to adjust the libraryDueBack variable so it can deal with the fact that HIP 4.X dates do not always have the same number of digits ie:
var libraryDueBack = /(\d{2}\/\d{2}\/\d{4})/;
var libraryDueBack = /(\d\d?\/\d\d?\/\d{4})/;

Also, we do not have any status of On Order, so I didn’t change anything in that variable.

Of course, one of the downsides of this, as well as the Library Lookup bookmarklet, and anything else that relys on ISBN is that there is no way for the system to know if the library has a title that has a different ISBN, for example, we may have a large print, or paperback copy rather than whatever the patron may be looking at on Amazon.

If you build it will anyone care?

Also, just because this tool, or the Firefox extension, or the library lookup bookmarklet exist, does not mean that they will be widely adopted. While the number of people using Firefox has increased, the vast majority of patrons here (at least from my non-scientific observations) are still using IE. For them the prospect of installing Firefox, Greasemonkey, and a Userscript may be somewhat daunting. I suspect a few staff members and MAYBE a patron or two will use this….so for them, it was worth creating, however, I am still trying to think of a good way to promote this to our patrons.

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