Hardware Solutions Bernadine Goldman, Los Alamos County Library


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    Features we wanted

    Internet Access
    Applications Software
    Print Cost Recovery
    Workstation Reservations
    Time Management
    Patron Authentication

    Three Environments

    Thin Clients
    One-box/Open Source

    Why We Chose Thin Clients

    Nut vulnerable to tampering
    Can all be updated from one server
    take up less physical space
    use familiar software applications
    in line with our technology plan

    Technology Planning

    Take care in constructing your technology plan
    People take it very seriously once it’s in black and white

    Rules for Installation

    No such thing as a turnkey solution —expect delays
    It’s never as simple as they claim
    Installation takes longer than expected
    Be a problem-solver
    Be prepared to learn a lot!

    About ashkev

    The Fiddling Librarian 3.0 is Kevin Smith’s personal weblog. Kevin is a recent graduate with an MLS from IUPUI. Kevin is the Assistant Director of the Cass District Library which is in Cass County Michigan.
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