This shouldn’t be this hard

debian splashWell, I continue to forge ahead with my LINUX tinkering. I know that this would all be very simple if I just had someone with some basic LINUX knowledge standing over my shoulder to guide me. I have Apache2 up and running on both the machine at work, and my home machine. I have a dynamic IP at home so I am using a free service from My home domain name is

I have installed WordPress on both the home and work machines. I have the same problem on both, the site looks fine when I am looking at it on the machine, but when I look at it from another machine, I only get the front page, with no CSS styling. I suspect that this may be some sort of permissions problem, but I have found the process of changing permissions through the command line somewhat laborious.

If anyone out there would like to volunteer to be my LINUX tutor, or if you know of any good training sessions or tutorials, please let me know. 😉

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The Fiddling Librarian 3.0 is Kevin Smith’s personal weblog. Kevin is a recent graduate with an MLS from IUPUI. Kevin is the Assistant Director of the Cass District Library which is in Cass County Michigan.
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