Library Fines Could Impact Your Credit Score

MSN Money – New threats to your credit score
New threats to your credit score

Most people know, and can accept, that an unpaid credit card bill can wind up in a collections account that will devastate their credit scores.

But did you know that your credit also could suffer from an unpaid parking ticket, a traffic fine you ignored or a forgotten library book?

A growing number of local and state agencies are using private collection companies to boost their revenues. More than 600 public libraries from Eugene, Ore., to Broome County, N.Y., turn unpaid accounts over to private collectors like Unique Management Services. Cities and courts hire others, including Municipal Services Bureau, to track down overdue parking, traffic and court fines.

I have been wondering how long it would take to see this. I hope that it doesn’t discourage patrons from using libraries. I will certainly be more careful about checking books out from my local library, and I may think twice, as I have a very busy life, and am prone to late returns. I have never had a problem paying my fines, and in fact, I believe that my library must rely on fines, as they do not send out overdue notices until the materials are considerably overdue, even though the notices are automatically generated e-mails. I am sure that they could be sent on the first day of tardiness, if the library was not so interested in fine revenue.

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