Conference Envy AKA Green on St Patrick’s Day

I am happy for all of you who are attending CIL in Washington this week. Really I am, and I love hearing about the presentations that are being held and all of the cool things that are going on, but to be honest, I really am a little bit jealous.

I work in a very rural library system. We have an extremely limited budget. Our entire professional development budget for this year is approximately $6,000.00. That is for a staff of nearly thirty people. That works out to $200.00 a person. This is far from enough to send us all to our own state convention, let alone, send us to specialized technology related conventions.

I have my heart set on going to the Internet Librarian convention in Monterey this October, but I realize that the chance of this really happening is extremely small. I have some big ideas about expanding services for my patrons, and my director is 100% supportive, but I still must live within the constraints of a nearly nonexistent budget. The reality is that even using solutions that are free and open source, without a tech savvy staff, an IT department, or a network of techy librarian types, many of these solutions are nearly impossible to implement.

I love working for the Cass District Library. I have a wide array of duties, and every day is different, but when I read about all of the exciting things that my colleges are doing, I am a bit green with envy.

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The Fiddling Librarian 3.0 is Kevin Smith’s personal weblog. Kevin is a recent graduate with an MLS from IUPUI. Kevin is the Assistant Director of the Cass District Library which is in Cass County Michigan.
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